Monthly Meetings

House Committee
Monday before Post
Meeting 6:00 PM

Post Meeting
Third Wednesday
6:00 PM

Auxiliary Meeting
Third Tuesday
6:00 PM

Renovation 2020
Even though our building is being renovated, Post 10148 is still open for the conduct of VFW and Auxiliary business including community and veteran support activities. The renovation timeline may see additional delays due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the latest Florida DBPR guidelines are again impacting VFW canteen operations in Florida.

Project updates are posted each Friday. The Post building is open from 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM on Fridays for any member who would like to stop by to check-out the work in progress. This is your Post! Your involvement matters.

Week ending 07/31/20:
- Architectural and engineering drawings signed and sealed.
- Construction permit application submitted to the City.
- Project expenditures to date: $8,436.03.

Week ending 07/24/20:
- Architectural and engineering drawings approved.
- Updated bids being reviewed against budget.
- Project expenditures to date: $8,436.03.

Week ending 07/17/20:
- Drawings ready for approval pending final Post member review.
- Updated bids being developed as needed based on MEP drawings.
- Project expenditures to date: $8,436.03.

Week ending 07/10/20:
- Sent architectural/engineering plans to sub-contractors for review.
- Reviewed design for through-wall tap system.
- Project expenditures to date: $6,486.03.

Week ending 07/03/20:
- Reviewed final MEP data for architectural drawings.
- Reviewed floor and ramp engineering drawings.
- Project expenditures to date: $6,486.03.

Renovation highlights/progress in June.

Renovation highlights/progress in May.